Packeta module for Prestashop 1.7.x and...

Packeta module for Prestashop 1.7.x and Prestashop 8.x versions

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The PrestaShop 1.7, PrestaShop 1.8, and 2Packeta module efficiently integrate the Packeta shipping system into e-commerce stores. It simplifies shipping, provides easy tracking, and supports various PrestaShop versions flexibly. A fast and convenient solution to increase customer satisfaction.

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After successful installation, click on the Orders -> Packeta Orders tab in the main menu and select the Settings tab.

Module configuration

All settings are saved automatically whenever you leave the edited data. If you do not have a user account on the Packeta site, it is possible to request a test account at the Customer Service email

API key – you can find your key in the client section of Packeta in the Client support tab

Sender name - the sender name you have set in the client section of the list of senders

Carrier settings

To add a carrier enter the menu Shipping - Carriers.

In the module settings, you select whether it is a Packeta pickup point or delivery to the address.

If you select YES (checkmark) for the carrier in the "Is COD" column, the orders of this carrier will always be cash on delivery.

If you want cash on delivery to be controlled by the payment method (see "Payment methods") and not the carrier, set NO (cross) in the "Is cash on delivery" column for the carrier and set cash on delivery in the "Is COD" column for the payment method.

For carriers whose shipments will not be transported by Packetery, select "--".

Set country restrictions

In the carrier settings you specify for which zones is the selected carrier allowed and for what price.

You can create these zones in the International - Locations - Zones menu and assign individual countries to them in the International - Locations - Countries menu.

It is also necessary to enable selected payment modules in the menu Payment - Preferences in the Country Restrictions menu.

Payment methods

For each form of payment, you can set whether the payment is cash on delivery.

If the payment method is cash on delivery in the Is cash on delivery column, click on the red cross that will automatically change to a green checkmark.

Pickup points

You can find information about the last update of the list of pickup points in the tab pickup points:

sum of pickup points

date and time of the last update

The pickup points in the basket are updated automatically. Click on the button Update pickup points to manually update the list of pickup points.


In the Orders tab you will find a list of all orders for which the Packeta shipping method has been selected.

For each packet, you can set/cancel cash on delivery in the "Cash on delivery" column.

Marked orders can be saved to the CSV file by clicking on the CSV export button, which you will upload to the client section in » "Shipments import" afterward.

The module also supports automatic sending of data to shipments. Send marked orders automatically by clicking on the button "Submit selected shipments." After successful shipment, the tracking number of the shipment will be automatically added. By clicking the tracking number you will open the tracking page.

For shipments that have been submitted via automatic dispatch and have a tracking number filled in, you can print labels in PDF format. Mark orders and click on Download pdf labels.

Information about the module

Supported languages:

  • czech
  • english
  • Hungarian

Supported versions

  • PrestaShop 1.7.x., PrestaShop 8

If you have problems using the module, please contact us at

Provided functions

  • Integration of widget v6 for selection of pickup points in the e-shop cart.
  • Support for pickup points of external carriers.
  • Address delivery via Packeta external carriers.
  • Information about the selected pickup point/carrier in the PrestaShop order detail.
  • In the PrestaShop order detail, it is possible to change the selected pickup point using the v6 widget.
  • Display of information about the selected pickup point in the last step of the order, in the "order confirmation" email, and the order detail view of the registered user.

Automatic export of orders to the Packeta system trought api interface!

It is now possible to set the weight of the shipment in the list of Packeta orders, before sending it to Packeta (since version 2.1.9).

OPC support

One Page Supercheckout from (since version 6.0.9)

In case you are using another third-party cart module, please write to Packeta module may not work with another OPC module.

PHP compatibility

5.6 - 8.2

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System requirements

  • Correct Prestashop version
  • PHP version is supported for prestashop version
  • Existence of IonCube loader PHP module

Why Choose Us?

New functions

If you need any new functions that we haven’t developed for this module yet, do not hesitate to contact us by sending a message through the “Contact the programmer” option.

Always updated

We frequently add updates to the module, to incorporate new functions and to adapt it to the latest versions of PrestaShop.

We can help you with the installation and configuration

If you have any questions, or a problem emerges during installation and configuration of the module, send us a message through the “Contact US!" menü and we will help you.

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