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Prestashop Klaviyo module Setup & Install service

Prestashop Klaviyo module Setup & Install service

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Are you looking for a solution for installation and setup?

You found it! We install and configure the Klaviyo prestashop module for you.

What include? 

  • Klaviyo account setup
  • Prestashop modul installation
  • Api connection setup between shop and klaviyo

Looking to grow your Prestashop store?

There’s only one way — by building real, quality customer relationships. The majority of other marketing software claims they do this, but never actually deliver on their promises. Klaviyo is different. 


Need help installing your website, theme or a module?

Save time when you let our experts do the work for you and set you up for success.

Maximum response time: 72 hours

What include? 

  • Klaviyo account setup
  • Prestashop modul installation
  • Api connection setup between shop and klaviyo

Top 5 Reasons to Use Klaviyo

  • Get the data you need - The Klaviyo extension works with the integration to pull in purchase history, browse behavior, and cart information so you can start sending
  • Track your web browsers - the integration with Klaviyo will automatically capture information about who visits your site and views your products including details on what they viewed so you can send super personal follow up emails
  • Stronger marketing functionality than the competition - set up abandoned cart emails in minutes then optimize with advanced splits and filters to target your messages
  • Create real customer interactions - use our web pop ups and signup forms to provide a customized web experience to your shoppers
  • Measure your success - get high level metrics to see how email contributes to your bottom line then dig deeper into your customer data with churn risks and lifetime value metrics.

Better Understand your Customers
Within minutes, you can integrate Klaviyo and Prestashop and begin using all of your historical data. Through the extension, you can collect information on who is active on your site, views a product page, or abandons a checkout. Klaviyo also integrates with many other ecommerce and marketing applications such as: Facebook, Recharge, Zendesk, Swell Rewards, Smile.io, Aftership, and more, to help you collect as much data about your customers as you want.
Communicate on a Personal Level
We simplified the data and segmentation work so you can spend your time creating personalized experiences that differentiate you from the competition. Use the data collected to send relevant, personalized messages based on their purchase history and browsing activity.
Make More Money
Other marketing software forces you to choose between moving fast and powerful functionality leaving you with a feeling that you’re wasting time or can’t do what you need to. With Klaviyo, you don’t need to choose, we provide you with everything you need to make more money.
Analyze Your Results
In Klaviyo, every individual gets a unique profile so you get a 360º view of your customers. Whether you want a high level view of your email performance or want to drill deeper to find out who bought from your latest campaign, what products they bought most, or how your A/B test performed - Klaviyo helps you keep an eye on the metrics that matter most.

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System requirements

  • Correct Prestashop version
  • PHP version is supported for prestashop version
  • Existence of IonCube loader PHP module

Why Choose Us?

New functions

If you need any new functions that we haven’t developed for this module yet, do not hesitate to contact us by sending a message through the “Contact the programmer” option.

Always updated

We frequently add updates to the module, to incorporate new functions and to adapt it to the latest versions of PrestaShop.

We can help you with the installation and configuration

If you have any questions, or a problem emerges during installation and configuration of the module, send us a message through the “Contact US!" menü and we will help you.

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